About Us

International Wealth & Prosperity are specialist investment advisors. We pride ourselves on delivering a highly personalised approach to managing your investment portfolio, and we look to achieve long term growth both in your investments and in our relationship with you.

We carefully tailor our advice to your specific needs, taking into account risk profiling and your investment objectives.

In an uncertain world, we provide the personal service and bespoke advice that our clients need to navigate stormy waters, and bring returns safely home.

Our Vision

Our mission is to deliver investment returns to our clients. We will do this by combining our experience and expertise. Our unerring sense for value and our global outlook drive our quest for growth. We will provide each of our clients with bespoke, personal service, and be guided by their needs and goals.

Our Mission

A world in which South Africans can invest freely and confidently in overseas financial products, with their decisions validated by thorough research and extensive investment experience, and where financial advisory services are delivered in a way that values the individual client just as much as their capital.

IWP - History

IWP (Pty) Ltd. was established by Pierre Cloete to provide superior international and local investment advice. Pierre remains the Key Individual in terms of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Bill, and has built up his team to be able to deliver on the International Wealth & Prosperity promise: personal service in pursuit of growth opportunities.

Strategies and Objectives

Our financial advice is grounded in thorough investigations of the funds and products we recommend.

We make regular research and reconnaissance trips overseas, to assess economic trends, prevailing investment sentiments and behaviours, and the performance of individual funds and products. Based on our investigations, we draw up a detailed proposal outlining how we aim to meet your investment objectives, taking into account your goals, appetite for risk, required level of exposure, and currency preferences.

We keep our finger on the pulse of all the world’s major economies, so that we can accurately anticipate and plan for the impact of, say, the US Presidential election or the ‘Brexit’ referendum. Only once we feel comfortable that we have assessed an opportunity from every angle do we draw up a detailed proposal for your approval.

Personal Service

At IWP, each of our clients is an individual with their own unique needs and expectations. We commit to taking the time to profile each of our clients and reach an understanding with them of their goals, preferences, and any concerns that they may have.

Each client’s risk profile then guides our subsequent investment decisions, and eliminates the danger of miscommunication as our understanding is exactly aligned with that of our clients – before we invest on their behalf.

The risk profile determines the following key investment criteria:

  • Base Currency ($, £, €)
  • Time Horizon
  • Appetite for risk
  • Income requirements
  • Expected capital withdrawal requirements
  • Desired balance between bonds, equities, property and commodities
  • Alternative strategies
  • Full disclosure and fees

Our managing director Pierre Cloete personally oversees each client’s portfolio. This level of hands-on personal service is one of our key differentiators. Investment may be a numbers game, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be just a number.

Our streamlined yet thorough approach to administration reduces turnaround times and gives us an agility and responsiveness which other financial advisors cannot match.

We see ourselves as a niche operator with a strategic global outlook, seeking value and growth opportunities worldwide for our clients and delivering consistent positive results with a personal touch.